Quality Assurance

At ElectriPack we pride ourselves on providing exceptional quality, and the foundation of that is our Quality Assurance department. Every request for quote we receive is reviewed by both our Quote Team and our Quality Department, so adherence to industry standards and customer specifications is built right into our product from the first step. The members of our Quality Team are involved in ongoing education to keep us on top of the documentation and certification demands in the constantly evolving wire harnessing industry.

We are ISO 9001 certified, and we are diligent in our attention to maintaining quality processes and quality product. We perform 100% quality and continuity testing on every harness we build.


Engineering / Customer Service

We have a specialized team available to help customers improve and solve any design issues of the wire harness, source the best materials or help determine the manufacturer of a questionable component. Our team is always available and eager to assist our customers in any way we can.

Our electronic testers ensure every connector is pinned correctly and there are no shorts in the wires. 

We create custom tester boards so that your harnesses are always tested thoroughly and efficiently.  


We always use barcode scanning technology to ensure the correct parts are used. 


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