Harnessing the power of electricity takes more than a kite and a key.
It takes the knowledge and experience to do it right the first time.

With more than a decade of focus on innovation and reliability in wire harness manufacturing, ElectriPack is at the head of the pack. Major OEMs count on ElectriPack for wire harnesses both big and small, in high or low volume. You will find ElectriPack harnesses on engines in the truck and bus industry, mining, robotics, agricultural, and recreational vehicles. From test leads that will fit in the palm of your hand, to a harness that runs through the body of a 50-foot crane, whatever the task, ElectriPack makes it happen.

At ElectriPack, we pride ourselves on building the highest quality wire harnesses. We use state-of-the-art manufacturer recommended tooling, and meticulously document our production processes to ensure consistency and accuracy from one order to the next. We follow the highest industry standards and all our harnesses and assemblies are 100% quality tested. With decades of experience in wire harnessing, our specialized customer support team has the experience to help you improve your wiring harness design. We can source the right material, review drawings and layouts, track down difficult to find components, and build a harness to suit each application. 

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What can ElectriPack do for you?

Wire Harnessing

We've been serving manufacturers in the truck and bus, industrial equipment, robotics, construction, and RV industries with high quality wire harnesses for more than a decade. We offer innovative solutions for all your wire harnessing needs. We take the time to work with our customers, review manufacturer drawings and layouts, and build a harness to suit each application. Our highly trained work force and state-of-the-art tools allow us to offer superior quality products, outstanding customer service, and quick turn-around.

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Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic welding is the strongest and most reliable splice in the wire harnessing industry. Sonic welds are a fast, clean splice, created with applied pressure and high-frequency motion. When the weld is complete, spliced wire is bonded on a molecular level, without adding any additional weight from solder or applied external splices. Sonic welding creates a superior and light weight bond, allowing for multiple harness breakouts that are as strong as the unwelded wire. 

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ElectriPack provides braiding solutions that protect your wiring harness in the harshest of environments. We are able to use a wide variety of material, but commonly use flexible, high-performance, vinyl coated nylon yarn that provides abrasion resistance that will not allow moisture to collect, while also providing protection from damage caused by oil, grease, and other common engine fluids. Braiding is available in a rainbow of custom colors, and can be applied to harnesses with multiple breakouts of any length.

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Wire Marking

ElectriPack uses state-of-the-art wire marking systems to custom mark your wiring harness. Whether we are using inkjet or hot stamp machines to individually mark wires, or high quality vinyl labels to mark your harness, we can meet your custom wire marking specifications so that your harness installation is fast, and harness breakouts are easy to locate. Contact ElectriPack to find out about our custom wire marking solutions!

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ElectriPack stocks hundreds of terminals from all the major manufacturers so we are sure to have the right terminals for your application. We use state-of-the-art automatic and semiautomatic crimping machines, and hand crimp tools to meet manufacturer specifications to ensure strong and reliable connections that won't fail.

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Specialty Packaging

No matter how complex your company’s kitting or packaging needs, ElectriPack can do the job. Simply let us know what parts you need in your kit and we will do the rest. We have many different ways to kit or package your product, hundreds of parts in our inventory and will order any additional parts needed to make sure all of your custom kits are assembled beautifully. 

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